About Due North

Hailing from the Twin Cities area, Due North is one of the Midwest’s newest a cappella ensembles. The group was founded in early 2017 and is busy at work to represent the great state they all call home. The name was inspired from Minnesota’s formally adopted French motto "L'Etoile du Nord" meaning “Star of the North”. Likewise, each member of the vocal band has had an eclectic musical journey thus far; yet similar to the gravitational pull of a compass they have always been guided back to their love for A Cappella.

Due North hopes to leave its own footprint on the genre while bringing a family fun atmosphere to each and every performance. From the inter-webs, to the city streets, to the stage, Due North will bring a refreshing taste to the music you know and love, while adding new songs to file away in your personal playlist.

Furthermore, the group contains members formally instructed in singing, music education, and many different walks of performance experience. Due North has an infatuation for spreading their knowledge of a cappella music to every audience, and a desire to revitalize young singers with their educational outreach program. With a fresh outlook, immense passion, and a vibrant energy – there is only one direction to go – Due North.