Alissa Peanasky | Mezzo

Alissa Peanasky sings alto in Due North. She has always loved singing. Her favorite childhood memories revolve around singing while her mom played the piano. Alissa spent her adolescent years involved taking voice lessons and participating in choir and musical theatre. That passion for music followed Alissa to college where she pursued it as a minor while majoring in social work. In college, Alissa joined an all female a cappella group called Audacious. This ignited her love for a cappella music. Currently, Alissa is a high school social worker who spends her free time snuggling her puppy, Olivia.

Barry Bakunowicz | Tenor 2

Barry is thrilled to be playing the role of “Tenor” in Due North! Having toured the Wisconsin a cappella circuit (Kitten’s Mittens at McFarland High School, UW Madhatters at UW-Madison, and 5th Element at UW-Eau Claire), he has decided to conquer another state and continue his journey in Minnesota. He also minored in music at Eau Claire, taking part in various operatic and theatrical productions. When he’s not singing loud and high, Barry is working as a computer programmer: making dreams come alive with just the touch of his fingers. He also enjoys tennis, running, and playing tabletop and video games.

Kaynen Harris | Bass

Kaynen Harris is at the root of most chords within Due North singing bass. From playstation karaoke to belting Usher with his CD player on long car trips, singing has always been something that brought joy to Kaynen’s life. In college Kaynen joined the all male a cappella group, The Innocent Men at UW - Eau Claire, where he served as the music director and then business manager. This is where his passion for A Cappella became a driving force, performing all around the Midwest, in addition to winning Audience Favorite two consecutive years at the Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes. Outside of Due North, Kaynen works on media, filling your life with those ads that seem to follow you wherever you go… were you just looking at new vehicles??

Sam Bijou | Tenor 1

Sam is super excited to be singing tenor with Due North! He is currently attending the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire hoping to graduate with a Sociology degree with a Math minor. He was a part of "The Innocent Men" for three years and couldn't be more thankful for the confidence the group gave him. Outside of singing, Sam loves to watch Football and most importantly participate in Fantasy Football. He will always be jealous of Matt's vocal percussion and hopes to one day claim his throne!

Matt Laudenbach | Vocal Percussion

Matt Laudenbach is the Vocal Percussionist for Due North. Music is not only a strong passion for Matt, but it is something that he will be pursuing for the rest of his life. Growing up, Matt has had experiences in choir, theatre, vocal jazz, and a cappella. At the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Matt was the Music Director for an all-male group named The Innocent Men, and graduated with a degree in Music Education. Matt currently plans on being a middle/high school-level choir teacher, as well as continuing to be the drum kit for Due North.